ebook reader showing Trouble With Parsnips cover

Thanks for the review copy! How do I redeem a promo code on Apple iBooks?

If you met me at a conference and got a CODE for a free review Apple iBooks copy of TROUBLE WITH PARSNIPS, this post is for you. 🙂

(If you got a link instead of a promo code, you don’t need this post. Just type the link into your browser. Happy reading!)

Quick Version: How to use a promo code to get your review copy on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or iPod touch:

Click on the ebook image below to go to the iBooks Store:
ebook reader showing Trouble With Parsnips cover

If you need more detail:
1. find the “Redeem” menu in the iBooks Store: Scroll down below the “More Books Like This” section and look under “Manage”. Click on “Redeem”.

Scroll down below the "More Books Like This" section to find "Redeem". It's under the "Manage" list.

2. When you click “Redeem”, this window pops up. Ignore the part about “Use Camera”. Type your promo code in the box. Then click “Redeem”.

3. Hopefully, this success window pops up:Screenshot of "successfully redeemed your code"4. A smaller pop-up will tell you when the download is complete. Click OK and then the “DONE” button in the lower right-hand corner.

5. When The iBooks store loads, click on the “LIBRARY” button in the top Left-Hand corner to see the your new book in the library. Happy Reading!

If you enjoy it, your review will help other readers find it in your corner of the world. The people of the Seven Kingdoms thank you!!!!


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Laurel Decher

LAUREL DECHER lives on the outskirts of a mid-sized city in Germany, between a medieval chapel on St. James' Way and a boundary marker tree complete with scary face. It's a little surprising, since she expected to live in Vermont for the rest of her life. You just never know when adventure will call! She writes stories about all things whimsical, vegetable, or musical. When she's not lost, she can be found on Twitter and on her blog, This Is An Overseas Post. TROUBLE WITH PARSNIPS (Oct 2018) is her first book for young readers (ages 9-12) and the first Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale. Photo: © Jan Decher.

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