“Life in the Seven Kingdoms is never dull . . .” 

–Jen McConnel, School Library Journal



Maze in Magenta Kingdom
The a-maze-ing walls of the Ehrenbreitstein fortress--the inspiration for the Magenta Kingdom. ©Laurel Decher, 2021

Do you like mazes, crossword puzzles, and fun quizzes?

What you can do here:

Seven Kingdoms Crossword Puzzle

Here’s a crossword puzzle for the Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales. If you’ve read TROUBLE WITH PARSNIPS, LOST WITH LEEKS, and UNDER PRESSURE WITH A SQUASH, it should be a cinch. If you haven’t, it might take a bit more work. Hope you enjoy it! Directions: To print, or to clear your answers, click on the hamburger menu (three lines in right bottom corner of the crossword puzzle).

BONUS: I made this at CrosswordLabs.com Make your own crossword here.

Seven Kingdoms Maze

Prince Nero has a terrible time finding his way around. His fairy godparent gift is magnetic charm. That means everyone likes him.

It also means he breaks every compass he touches.

Can you help him get home?

BONUS: I made this at MazeGenerator.net. Make your own maze here.

Seven Kingdoms AR Quizzes for Schools & Libraries

Have you read the books? Here’s the perfect way to test your knowledge against the best of the Seven Kingdoms.

Note to readers: Apologies, I’m still trying to find a new way to get these quizzes live on the website again.

Note to librarians and schools: Download the quizzes for each book below. (They are in the correct format for your school library’s Accelerated Reader database. Please contact me, if there are any issues.)

Your Score:

100% Royal Ambassador!

Were you born in the Seven Kingdoms? You seem to know everything about us!

60 to 90% Royal Tour Guide!

The Seven Kingdoms would be proud to have you give a tour. Come by any time at all!

30 to 50% Royal Visitor!

So nice to see you here! Do you visit often? One tip: Most of the dungeons in the Seven Kingdoms are known for their hospitality. But watch out for that Blackfly Dungeon!

0-20% That Fairy Kingdom!

Are you new here? We love visitors!

Or did you get a dose of lip sealant from the fairies? No secrets are leaking out of your mouth!

Quadratico! or Squares

Two games that work almost anywhere.

Quadratico! or Squares: it’s all about strategy

  1. Make a grid of dots on some paper. Any paper you can find. 🙂
  2. Take turns connecting two dots.
  3. If you complete a square when you connect your dots, you get another turn.
  4. Color in the squares you’ve “won”.


Squiggle: creative rest on the journey

  1. One person makes a “squiggle” of any kind.
  2. The other person transforms the squiggle into miniature art. Then draws a new squiggle for the other.

Have fun!

(Read the story of how these games made some new friends on the train.)