Excellent! You can visit the Seven Kingdoms for 40% off!
April 12 - 16, 2021

It's a great time to try the first book in this series!

This spunky inventor princess is determined to save the day. Can she speak up in time?

Trouble at the Valentine Factory--COMING SOON!

Queen Ash is up to her tricks again! She's making Valentines and there are cupids loose in the Seven Kingdoms!

Trouble at the Christmas Fair

A 22-page appetizer for the Seven Kingdoms.
I'm working on Book 4 and solving the easy problems first. 🙂 I thought my friends might like something to solve too.

In the mood for a puzzle for ages 9 to 12?
A story about test pressure, perfect (and not-so-perfect) scores, and baby dragons.

Go on a polar undersea adventure with illustrator and marine biologist, Kirsten Carlson. Click the button to get to the website.

Then scroll down. When you see “Kirsten Carlson” click View Project and watch UNDERSEA ILLUMINATIONS)

See the castle that inspired Trouble With Parsnips.
Visit the castle that inspired Magellan's and Saffy's home
A nameless princess has to speak up to save her kingdom
A prince with no sense of direction has to rescue St. Nicholas, before it's too late.
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