Can a prince with no sense of direction learn to lead before it’s too late?

castle on an island


Lost With Leeks cover image shows boy in hot air balloon with dragon

For ages 9 to 12

For fans of Jean Ferris’ ONCE UPON A MARIGOLD, Jacqueline Davies’ THE LEMONADE WARS, and E.G. Foley’s THE GRYPHON CHRONICLES.

A Story about finding your true North

Argh! Twelve-year-old Crown Prince Nero is lost again.

How will he ever lead the Blackfly Kingdom?

His fairy godfather gave him a magnetic personality to make him charming.

Only now he’s a trouble-magnet–for compasses, maps and magical creatures.

Worse, his royal mom has kidnapped St. Nicholas. Nero’s got to map out a rescue right away!

Why read Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales?

Everyone knows the leaders of tomorrow will need lots of skills. Each Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale takes on a BIGGIE.

In each Tale, a fairy godparent gives one lucky child the perfect leadership gift. Abracadabra!
If only they’d remember the training wheels! Yiiiiiiikes!
Whether it’s speaking up at a feast, reading a compass or taking a test in a strange kingdom, these Tales are all about finding more magic in your life.

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