8 Ways Books are Better Than Scrolls: eBooks of the Ancient World

book cover of Libraries in the Ancient World

While trying to figure out how ancient books were repaired, I came across the delightful Libraries in the Ancient World by Lionel Casson. It’s a small, friendly sort of book, clearly written and even the black and white illustrations are fascinating. If you asked for a book in an ancient library, a page would bring […]

Growing into shape: A 1,000-year-old linden tree

This 1,000 year old linden tree has such a perfect shape from the outside. A really old tree gives me a new perspective on life and how long it takes to grow something beautiful. This one almost certainly saw a procession of Emperors passing by. It’s very near the open-air museum of Tilleda, a kind […]

Becoming an artist at The Winged Pen

If you’re looking for me this week, I’m over at The Winged Pen interviewing author Jackie Randall about her middle grade adventure: EMELIN. I really enjoyed this book! The gutsy girl artist, Emelin, is appealing. Her mysterious friend Wolf is also intriguing. The story is easy-peasy accessible and the everyday details of England in the […]

An Epic Tree

Battered oak with huge gall, blasted branches, lost bark and holes that shelter who knows what.

This weekend, my husband and I went looking for a half-circle of oaks he knew from thirty years ago. (No comments from the peanut gallery 😉 He said their group held hands around it because it was so big (nearly 8 meters around and 24 meters tall!). It’s gotta be old: 600-800 years! We found […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown: (3) People who Rocked my Worlds

inside the Cafe Profittlich

This is the third post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. I’m noticing that gratitude is like a pair of sunglasses. My writing journey takes on a whole color. (You can find the earlier posts here: 1. The Gift of Attention , 2. The Gift of Permission.) 3. The Gift of Hospitality: the value of an […]

Collateral damage: What if there’s no one to vouch for you?

Someone approached me on the street the other day, needing to talk. The situation was unbelievably bad: immigration and medical problems, grief and financial hardship, difficulties around work, worries about children. After a little while, I was asked if I would buy some things for the kids. I felt uneasy because I didn’t know who […]

Rituals for Starting Work: medieval construction, coal mining, printing presses

Detailed 3D model of castle, church, moat and outbuildings. Schloss Horst Museum, Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Over the weekend, I visited a castle, the Schloss Horst Museum in Gelsenkirchen, a printing press, the Historische Druckwerkstatt that offered a trip to the age of lead, and a coal mine, Bergbaustollen Nordsternpark. Schloss Horst turned out to be a museum that drops you into the everyday life of the past. Animal sound effects, […]