About Laurel

Laurel Decher, © Jane Joo Park, 2017.
Laurel Decher, Photo: © Jane Joo Park, 2017.

Laurel Decher lives in the outskirts of a mid-sized city in Germany, between a medieval chapel on St. James’ Way and a boundary marker tree complete with scary face. It’s a little surprising, since she expected to live in Vermont for the rest of her life.

On this site, you can find out how THE WOUNDED BOOK began,  or read a snippet of the story.

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Boundary marker tree with close up of carved face from the middle ages, Germany.
Would you cut down a tree that was looking at you?

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© Laurel Decher, 2017




3 thoughts on “About Laurel”

  1. Hi Laurel,
    I enjoyed meeting you at Dan’s workshop. I like the look of your blog a lot. (And I’m from CT/upstate NY way back when; nice to meet another New Englander here in Deutschland!)

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