Cover image for LOST WITH LEEKS. boy with leeks in hot air balloon basket, dragon above, fairy godfather with spy hat and magnifying glass sits on top of O in Lost. O is a compassHow Can a Prince Lead When He’s Always Lost?


A Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale, Book 2

Argh! Crown Prince Nero is lost again. That’s what he gets for trying to fly a hot air balloon. Thanks to his fairy godfather’s gift, every map and compass goes kerflooey as soon as Nero touches it.

Even worse, his royal mom has just kidnapped St. Nicholas.

If Nero can’t find his true North in a hurry, he’ll never rescue him before St. Nicholas’s Day!

Why read Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales?

Everyone knows the leaders of tomorrow will need lots of skills. Each Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale takes on a BIGGIE.

In each Tale, a fairy godparent gives one lucky child the perfect leadership gift. Abracadabra!
If only they’d remember the training wheels! Yiiiiiiikes!
Whether it’s speaking up at a feast, or reading a compass in a strange kingdom, these Tales are all about finding more magic in your life.

Can a prince with no sense of direction lead his kingdom to find peace?


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“As someone who has no sense of direction, I love that Nero is directionally challenged. . .hope there are more books to follow. I’d love to read about the other characters or even more adventures with Nero.” –Charlotte, 4 stars on GoodReads.

“. . .well paced and well executed. I felt satisfied by the story’s outcome and by Nero’s growth. And as with Book 1, I laughed along the way. What a silly, fun, sweet world.” –Deborah Halverson, award-winning author and editor

“This is an awesome book for older elementary kids (or intermediate schools) that is fun, interesting, and keeps young minds reading! I loved it myself though I am a bit too old to qualify as mid-level elementary. Great book.” –Pat Eroh, 5 stars on GoodReads.

“Extremely entertaining!! I enjoyed this book from start to finish! I received a complimentary copy of this book through Voracious Readers Only.” —Jacquie, 5 stars on GoodReads.

“Funny magical story. This European author has crafted a funny, warm fairy tale about a prince who didn’t think he could be a leader because he couldn’t find his way around. It is the second book in the Seven Kingdoms series following the equally magical Trouble With Parsnips. Writer Laurel Decher’s sense of fun and humor (the Blackfly Queen is holding St. Nicholas in a dungeon for failure to pay tolls) sparkle throughout. While the main character Prince Nero may be lost, the author easily finds her way to her readers’ hearts.” —eileen, 5 stars on Amazon.

“delightful funny book that captures the readers heart from start to finish. A wicked Queen, hot air balloons, a friendly yellow dragon and a Prince with a lot of responsibility and a huge talent for getting lost make for a hilarious journey. . . will definitely be sharing it with my grandchildren.” —Sharon Walker

“a wonderful and fantastical story. . .a great read for older elementary children. . .enjoyed discovering this whimsical world, watching Nero overcome his obstacles, and seeing the growth of characters through the story. . .” —Christina Newcomb


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The Blackfly Kingdom is a glorified tollbooth on a rock in the middle of the Rhine. Pfalzgrafenstein castle on the Rhine. © Laurel Decher, 2019.


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