Tame Your Revision Step-by-Step: 7 Simple Steps to a FEEDBACK FOLDER in Scrivener

One of the problems with getting feedback on your manuscript is overwhelm. If you’ve got five Word documents floating on your computer somewhere, it can bring your revision process to standstill. This post is about the simple way I keep track of valuable feedback from my critique partners. Over at The Winged Pen, you can […]

Tame Your Revision Step-by-Step: SLICE AND LABEL with Scrivener

Revising a novel is a form of bookkeeping. How do you keep from losing your mind? At The Winged Pen, we’re talking Revision. You can read the overview and download the infographic here. To go along with the Winged Pen’s post, I’m attempting a “how-to” series. Let me know how you like it. If you […]

Preparing for NaNoWriMo? Step 2: A pinch of story structure

Here’s the second post in a short series on preparing for National Novel Writing Month. You can find the first post here. Mom always said there were two secrets to pie crust: “Be firm and don’t fuss.” For your novel’s first draft, structure works the same way. Tinker all you want with the outline and […]

Over at the Winged Pen, we’re writing about “getting the words”

I’ve collected some tips from fellow Winged Pen writers about how they get words on the page. I was surprised at the variety of techniques almost all of us use: daily word counts (or not), planning to write, the open sentence technique, and more. As a writer-friend said once, “Sometimes I think writing is continuous […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (4): The Gift of Feedback

This is the fourth post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. It’s a series about people who’ve helped me on my writing journey so far. I’m taking a moment to say a heartfelt thank you! (You can find earlier posts here: 1. The Gift of Attention , 2. The Gift of Permission, 3. The Gift of […]