What is International Book Giving Day?

What is international book giving day? https://bookgivingday.com/about/ Get the poster, bookmarks and bookplate here. The website suggests 6 ways you can get involved: 14th February is about getting books into the hands of as many children as possible on 14th February #bookgivingday “1 in 8 disadvantaged children in the UK don’t own a single book” […]

A magical gift for you!

“Trouble At The Christmas Fair” is free at online booksellers during the holidays! It’s perfect for ages nine to twelve. (December 2019 through a little bit of January 2020.) Get your magic here. TROUBLE AT THE CHRISTMAS FAIR Eleven-year-old Prince Nero has got his hands full! His royal mother wants to solve their kingdom’s money […]

Happy Day-Before-St. Nicholas-Day!

Would your family like to celebrate St. Nicholas’s Day this year? At our house, it’s always been a nice start to a busy month. Making Stutenkerle or “Bread Guys” is a fun, easy, and reasonably healthy after-school activity on December 5th. Afterwards, the kids can do what German kids are doing: clean their boots and […]

There’s more to explore!

The second book in the Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale series is all about exploring–with a prince who has no sense of direction! Just for fun, here are the real castles that inspired the Blackfly and the Saffron Kingdoms. LOST WITH LEEKS stars the Blackfly Prince Nero and the Saffron royal twins: Prince Magellan and Princess […]

Love Springs up Like Birch Trees

May 1st is a sort of  Valentine’s-Day-on-Steroids in this part of Germany. On the last night of April, birch trees pop up everywhere. Young men put them up in front of their sweetheart’s houses and write the girl’s name in a giant heart hung on a tree. It’s a windy time of year. You can […]

Peace on Earth, Good Will to You All!

A year ago, I wrote about our “rastafarian” Joseph and the challenges of writing about other people’s cultures: Skin-colored Felt: Doing other people’s cultures wrong. It feels like we’ve gone backwards in trying to understand each other this year. Our rastafarian Joseph still leans to one side. (He still needs that navy bean transfusion.) Our […]