One Dollar Glasses

girl with a smile wearing one dollar glasses

The other day, I got my first pair of reading glasses. All of a sudden, reading, computers, knitting–even the fine print at the store–is SO much clearer. I’ve had regular glasses since the third grade, so you’d think I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s easy to forget how much difference a new pair of glasses […]

Beauty and an Escape from Death

People look beautiful and shiny to me just now. When I look at families pushing baby strollers or see young couples deciding how to spend their money in the grocery store, or older couples making careful choices, I’m struck with how “temporary” they  look. A little more than a week ago, I almost lost my […]

The Good Earth: International Gardens

A landmark. The day before yesterday, I was given my first garden plot since we moved to Germany. Turning over the soil stirred up surprising feelings. It’s an International Garden so the invitation was in German and in Arabic. My fellow gardeners are from Egypt, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Germany. People were talking about melons, chilis, […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (6): The Gift of a Professional Eye

This is the sixth post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. As we gain more experience as writers, we learn to value different things. Writing contests and pitching opportunities are adrenaline-driven chances to win the “Golden Ticket” of an agent or a publishing contract. Friends, there are more writing adventures ahead! A knowledgeable editor’s feedback can […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (5): The Gift of a Deadline

This is the fifth post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. I keep finding more things to appreciate about the writing life. It’s sometimes easier to be gentler with other writers than with yourself. But being hard on yourself for too long dries up the words. Gratitude is a wonderful oasis from ambition. Gratitude also seems […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (4): The Gift of Feedback

This is the fourth post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. It’s a series about people who’ve helped me on my writing journey so far. I’m taking a moment to say a heartfelt thank you! (You can find earlier posts here: 1. The Gift of Attention , 2. The Gift of Permission, 3. The Gift of […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (2) The Gift of Permission

This is the second post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. It’s my way of re-discovering the richness of the creative life. You can find the first post here: The Gift of Attention. 2. The Gift of Permission: the value of allowing yourself to create Giving yourself permission to write is a way to counteract the […]

Writing Gratitude Count-down: (1) The Gift of Attention

Maybe it’s the #Pitchwars season, but lately I’ve been realizing how many people have generously encouraged my writing. It’s so easy to send out queries and focus on the–sometimes deafening–silence, but when I look back on my writing journey, I see so many people who have gone out of their way to help. I’m sure […]

Marc Chagall’s stunning gift of reconciliation

St. Stephan’s church in Mainz, Germany has stunning stained glass windows. The church burned on February 27, 1945 and Marc Chagall designed most of the current windows in the late 1970’s. The windows show love stories of all kinds: Colorful people and angels float in a sea of blue glass. In light of the Holocaust, […]