“Life in the Seven Kingdoms is never dull . . .” 

–Jen McConnel, School Library Journal


What’s the buzz about Valentine’s Day?

plaque for bee gate in Michelstadt city wall

The sign over this archway says: Bee Market Gate

narrow alley leads to arched doorway in stone wall
This secret passageway leads to the Bee Market Gate in the medieval city of Michelstadt in Germany.

Why are bees such a big deal in this city?

legend of Michelstadt bees on a brass plaque
Why are bees such a big deal in Michelstadt?

Hooray for the bee!

This sign says: “In memory of a clever and brave bee who woke a sleeping tower guard with a bee sting on the nose and so warned the city of incoming attack.

The Bee Market is celebrated every year in memory of the city’s rescue.

A local 5th grade class put up this plaque to celebrate the 50th Bee Market in Michelstadt in 2004.”

The buzz is all about bees!

Trouble at the Valentine Factory is all about bees and cupids and what happens when they get mixed up on Valentine’s Day!

When you add Queen Ash to the mix, there’s going to be trouble with a capital T!

She uses the charmed honey to make rude hearts for Valentine’s Day.

The royal Saffron twins–Saffy and Magellan–have their work cut out for them this time!

They’re going to need all their archery, mapping and fairy knowledge to save the day.

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It's the perfect place for bees (and children) to beeeee happy!

Isn’t this a beautiful playground? It’s right on the other side of the tiny Bee Market Gate (“BienenMarktsPforte”). I love the little stream that runs through the middle. The pavilion under the tree is a kind of stage. There are small vegetable gardens on the side of the playground that you can’t see here.

The perfect place to stick your feet in, on a hot summer day!

But in February, the bees should be hibernating . . . what’s all that buzzing around in the Seven Kingdoms?

BEE alert up there in the watchtower! 🙂

playground park with wading stream

Did you know that St. Valentine is the patron saint of bees?

I didn’t know either until I started working on this Valentine’s Day adventure about friendship.

Sticking together in a sticky situation . . . that’s Trouble at the Valentine Factory.