Sketching, the “saggy middle” and The Winged Pen

Close-up of unusual spikes capped with orange balls.

Today, I’m over at The Winged Pen’s Master Your Craft blog post series. What–you ask–is Master Your Craft? Each Wednesday, the Winged Pen discusses prewriting and drafting a new book from the BIG IDEA to QUERYING. (Handy list of Master Your Craft topics so far.) My post is about that devious stretch of story landscape […]

Tame Your Revision Step-by-Step: 4 Steps to SORT-BY-SIZE

Infographic of 7 revision management tips battery icons

This post is part of a TAME YOUR REVISION series that started over at The Winged Pen. You can read the overview, find the links to all the posts, and download the infographic here. As always, feel free to share your best revision strategies in the comments! I’d love to know how you manage. SORT […]

An Aha! Moment via Joanna Penn: Publishing vs. Marketing

Joanna Penn is so smiley and enthusiastic and knowledgeable that she always gets me inspired. This webinar was no different. Got a sudden insight from Joanna Penn’s webinar on goals for the new year (2017): Marketing is what you do to SELL a book. Packaging, editing, and categorizing are what you do to PUBLISH a […]