TADA!!! The very first STUDENT review from an amazing student in Japan: Recent reviews on GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and other stores: Thank YOU SO MUCH to all of the reviewers! After all my time in the “drafting cave” and the “revision cave,” it’s a treat to hear your reactions to the finished story. If […]

Creativity: How our challenging circumstances are the key to success

My daughter and I watched THE KING’S SPEECH the other day. I’d seen it before, but the story captured me all over again. In the film, the Duke of York’s stutter seemed to be a physical manifestation of the desire to hide. No idea if that is accurate or not, medically speaking. It struck me […]

Pitches and Promises: making our writing visible

Pitches and promises that align the story, the agent, the publisher, the reader and ourselves will make our work visible. Last year, I participated in some writing contests for queries and for pitches and for the first 250 words and 5-page excerpts. Agent feedback surprised me: “If you use a comp title I love, I […]

How to make something invisible

Think how much writing–and reading–you could get done if no one knew you were there. This is eerily simple: just use 4 lenses to bend the light around the thing you want to “cloak.”  Will we resort to deep sea fish later to help us find things in the “dark”?