Where are Bumpity Boulevard Press print books made?

Traditionally, publishers printed books first, then tried to find readers. This meant lots of returned or “pulped” books. Print-on-Demand is a way to make books only after they are ordered.


Videos about Print-on-Demand

If you’ve ever wanted a tour, here’s a video of the machines and people who make the books for Amazon near Chicago.

The second video is from Ingram, one of the largest wholesale book distributors in the world. Many publishers use their services, but not all publishers use print-on-demand.

Note: the video is from 2012 and doesn’t show a step-by-step process.

A Small Local Printer in Germany

If you want to see a mini-tour of a local printer in Germany, click here.

Or if you are interested in the history of books, “8 Ways Books are Better than Scrolls: the eBooks of the Ancient World” click here.