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You’re in luck, because you can get the whole series for your kids at 40% off . . . April 12 – 16, 2021! Trouble With Parsnips is about speaking up–in the nick of time! Lost With Leeks is about trying to lead–when you keep getting lost! Under Pressure With a Squash: The Multiplication Problem […]

Happy Birthday to the Queen! (And to a brand new winter squash!)

Trouble With Parsnips tablet, phone and hardcover editions

It’s a brand-new, baby squash seedling! Hooray!!! Why all the excitement? I don’t know how things are going at your house, but I re-planted three times this year. I’d given up hope. Wishing you lots of hope this summer–we’re getting lots of chances to re-plant our lives in 2020! May they bear good fruit for […]

A magical gift for you!

“Trouble At The Christmas Fair” is free at online booksellers during the holidays! It’s perfect for ages nine to twelve. (December 2019 through a little bit of January 2020.) Get your magic here. TROUBLE AT THE CHRISTMAS FAIR Eleven-year-old Prince Nero has got his hands full! His royal mother wants to solve their kingdom’s money […]

Another Veggie of the Week Challenge: Romanesco to the Rescue! Plus A Giveaway!

After years of studying chronic disease epidemiology, I’m convinced that vegetables are hugely important (And delicious.) But. . . .when I’m writing a story, I forget how much I like healthy food. Soooooooo. . . . Each week, I’ve been celebrating a vegetable in a Half-way Healthy supper. GIVEAWAY NEWSFLASH Until December 3rd, you can […]