“Life in the Seven Kingdoms is never dull . . .” 

–Jen McConnel, School Library Journal


A Harvest of Fairy Tales for You

harvest basket with book and nasturiums
A fall harvest of fairy tales

Note: The late fall sun makes the book look light green, but it’s actually purple. #writer #notaphotographer

An unusual year . . . can also bear fruit

This was the year I thought I’d get monster “beefsteak” tomatoes in three colors. I started plants in January. They were trees, I tell you, trees, by the time I put them in the garden.


I got two. Count’em: 2. Not what I’d hoped.

But, in the garden, something always does well.

The story harvest wasn’t bad at all . . . there’s a collection of fairy tales with the first three books in one volume.


You never quite know what a year will bring. It’s worth collecting your wins and celebrating them. When you start digging, there’s always more to be thankful for.

I wrote every weekday for about five years.

Suddenly . . . 🙂

practically overnight . . . 🙂

Three books about a world that didn’t exist before.

Where did they come from?

I was there every day. I know. But the finished, 752-page book still takes me by surprise. When I read some passages to proof the final version, sometimes I even laugh out loud.

Those are the same surprises that jolted me when I was writing.

I hope these stories fuel the dreams of the kids in your life!

Here’s to you! To the things you make and the growing people you support–every day–without noticing.

Then suddenly, overnight . . . they are all grown up!

hot air balloon sketch
So many notebooks to make a book
Sketching out the knots in a story
notebook sketches to figure out what happens next
Sketching to figure out what happens next
book covers for Bumpity Boulevard Press titles
The first 3 books are included in the collection. Trouble at the Christmas Fair is a Readers List perk.