Forgiving yourself for what you did “on purpose”

Whack! The little girl smacked her tiny rainbow umbrella down on the restaurant’s marble table with an unexpectedly loud crack. No one was hurt; nothing was damaged–or even knocked over–but her eyes widened in horror. “But I did it on purpose!” A storm of tears followed and she hid her face against her mother. I […]

The Joy of Exploring Your Writing Territory

I’ve been reading Susan Kaye Quinn‘s Indie Author Survival Guide (Second Edition) Crafting a Self-Publishing Career Book 1). In spite of the title, the book covers topics that are also interesting to traditional novelists. All writers struggle with figuring out a target audience, creative freedom, and how to keep from “stopping too soon.” Susan Kaye […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (5): The Gift of a Deadline

This is the fifth post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. I keep finding more things to appreciate about the writing life. It’s sometimes easier to be gentler with other writers than with yourself. But being hard on yourself for too long dries up the words. Gratitude is a wonderful oasis from ambition. Gratitude also seems […]

Writing Gratitude Countdown (2) The Gift of Permission

This is the second post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. It’s my way of re-discovering the richness of the creative life. You can find the first post here: The Gift of Attention. 2. The Gift of Permission: the value of allowing yourself to create Giving yourself permission to write is a way to counteract the […]