Writing Gratitude Countdown: (3) People who Rocked my Worlds

inside the Cafe Profittlich

This is the third post in my Writing Gratitude Countdown. I’m noticing that gratitude is like a pair of sunglasses. My writing journey takes on a whole color. (You can find the earlier posts here: 1. The Gift of Attention , 2. The Gift of Permission.) 3. The Gift of Hospitality: the value of an […]

Half a Library: 6 Libraries That Changed My Life

Sierra Leone library

In 1775, James Boswell wrote, “A man will turn over half a library to make one book.” I’ve turned over half a dozen libraries in the service of my current work-in-progress, but library fever started much earlier. After all, where does anyone get the idea to write a book in the first place? It all […]