A magical gift for you!

“Trouble At The Christmas Fair” is free at online booksellers during the holidays! It’s perfect for ages nine to twelve. (December 2019 through a little bit of January 2020.) Get your magic here. TROUBLE AT THE CHRISTMAS FAIR Eleven-year-old Prince Nero has got his hands full! His royal mother wants to solve their kingdom’s money […]

Shopping for Kids’ Books (ages 9 to 12) at your Home or Library?

Book Menu for Voracious Readers 2020 Here’s my latest menu of books for hungry readers. I’ve read all of these (and many others) this year and you can see my reviews on Goodreads by clicking on the titles or covers of the books. Feel free to share and to comment about favorite books you’ve read […]

There’s more to explore!

The second book in the Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale series is all about exploring–with a prince who has no sense of direction! Just for fun, here are the real castles that inspired the Blackfly and the Saffron Kingdoms. LOST WITH LEEKS stars the Blackfly Prince Nero and the Saffron royal twins: Prince Magellan and Princess […]

6 ways THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO RATCHET shows its warm and funny heroine

Click here to download Six Ways to Reveal Character handout as a pdf with links to Karl Iglesias’ website and to WRITING FOR EMOTIONAL IMPACT. I’ve been studying Karl Iglesias’ insightful and practical WRITING FOR EMOTIONAL IMPACT while reading Nancy J. Cavanaugh‘s funny, charming, and warm THIS JOURNAL BELONGS TO RATCHET for Middle Grade readers. […]

Think, Act, Speak: What order makes character reactions feel real?

Do you know the terrible feeling when THAT topic resurfaces? “Oh no. I AM going to have to learn this.” Prehistoric time periods must have come around 3 or 4 times in my studies, but I still haven’t learned them. Years and years ago, I read about Dwight W. Swain’s Motivation Reaction Units (MRU’s). *Cough.* […]