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Thanks for your interest in my work.

THE WOUNDED BOOK is a children’s adventure story set in the Middle Ages. You can download a free e-book about the story world (PDF) and a free sample of the story on this page.

UNFORESEEN TIMES is a short story for adults, set in Vermont.


Download your virtual tour of the Middle Ages (PDF format):

The World of TWB Cover 2016-01-09 at 5.39.45 PM

My family and I tracked down the special places in Bella’s story to make this guidebook for you.

Hope you like it!

Click here to download.








Download your free sample of THE WOUNDED BOOK:


12-year-old Bella of Arezzo has a knack for music, but she can’t figure out the strange music in her dead papa’s book.

When an old enemy gets his hands on the book, Bella’s determined to do anything to get it back.

But if she does what the new owner wants, Mamma will pay the ultimate price and Bella will land in an orphanage.

If she doesn’t, the rare and lovely music of THE WOUNDED BOOK won’t be the only precious thing that’s lost forever.

Click here for PDF format

Click here for Kindle format

Click here for ePub format (Kobo, Nook)

If you need help getting it onto your device, author Mark Dawson has some excellent tips for reading Kindle files on your laptop/desktop and a  send-to-Kindle tool.

I like library books, so I use Adobe Digital Editions to put books on my Kobo Aura. That’s probably the long way. Kobo’s directions are here.

The ePub format reads well in iBooks on my Mac, but I haven’t tried it on an iPad. If you do, let me know how it goes.


George, a burly Vermont snowplow driver, never lets anyone drive his massive truck. It’s the only way to guarantee nothing gets hit.

He’s known about loss since the third grade. His mother always asked him to let joy into his life, but he keeps himself strong with bitter radicchio, black coffee, and wine as dry as dust. After she dies, her favorite poem inspires him to try a new, carefree, persona.

When he shows up as “Jack”, his childhood sweetheart wants to show him something sweet. There’s only one catch: she wants to drive his truck.

Click on the images below to leave a review or to buy UNFORESEEN TIMES, my short story for adults for 99 cents:

UNFORSEEN TIMES by Laurel Decher cover image of Vermont with link to iBooks store

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.26.57 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.06.12 PMimage and link to Amazon Kindle store to download short story entitled UNFORSEEN TIMES by Laurel Decher

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.17.24 PM



Click here to download a PDF version for free.

Would you like UNFORESEEN TIMES as a free e-book in exchange for your honest review?  Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the format of your choice. Thanks very much!

Questions? These formats don’t work for you?  Reach me with my contact form or at thewoundedbook [AT]

[Replace the [AT] with the @ symbol and take out the spaces to make the e-mail address work.]


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Happy Reading!


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