Need some ideas about how to handle The Waiting Game?

Today, I’m over at The Winged Pen for a post about what to do while you’re waiting. . . . . .for query responses, . . .for editors, . . .or for anything else in the writing life that requires another person to react. How do you handle The Waiting Game? What did I forget? […]

Serious about Writing a Series?

I’m over at The Winged Pen today with a round-up of the best online mentors to help you plan a series of novels. Read the whole post here: Six Mentors to Help You Plan Your Novel Series.   ______________ If you’d like to stay in touch, sign up for my Reader’s List. Once a month, […]

Sketching, the “saggy middle” and The Winged Pen

Close-up of unusual spikes capped with orange balls.

Today, I’m over at The Winged Pen’s Master Your Craft blog post series. What–you ask–is Master Your Craft? Each Wednesday, the Winged Pen discusses prewriting and drafting a new book from the BIG IDEA to QUERYING. (Handy list of Master Your Craft topics so far.) My post is about that devious stretch of story landscape […]