Multiplication Magic

In the story I’m working on right now . . . (see below if you want to see which one) Magellan is REALLY not interested in Times Tables. Especially not the SEVENS! He has maps to make and dragons to rescue! I started looking around for things that would make it more interesting. For him. […]

How do Grades Hurt Us?

A vending machine for art. It looks like it was re-purposed from a cigarette vending machine.

Reading an article about how it hurts kids to focus on “grades” instead of “learning”: “Grades vs Learning: Shifting Attention to What’s Important“ “Drafts, re-dos, and ‘evolving assignments’” may help students to focus on getting better at something instead of getting a good grade. Hmm. That sure sounds like writing a book! Everybody write a […]

Were you ever a Junior Ranger?

image of 4th grade pass to parks

I’ve been doing a little more research for the next Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale. Look what I found! 🙂 Did you know you can get a Junior Ranger badge and book for your kids (ages 5 to 13+) at all of these National and State Parks? If the list of 400+ parks overwhelms you, try […]

Lost in a Campground

ancient castle wall with steep roofed stairs

Burg Rheinfels (Fortress Rhine Boulder) is the inspiration for the Saffron Kingdom. ©Laurel Decher, 2021. Do you have a good sense of direction? How about the rest of your friends and family? The second Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale, LOST WITH LEEKS, is all about getting–you guessed it–lost. Prince Nero has a magically magnetic personality. He’s […]

What tests do you need to pass to become a. . .?

cartoon image of a surveyor

What careers have you always wondered about? The next Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale stars the Saffron twins, Magellan and Saffy, so I’m thinking about what kinds of things they might want to do in the future. No promises and no spoilers. 😉 This video is about what surveyors do and how to become one. The […]