Once upon a time, a woodcutter freed three fairy tales from a tree . . .

book standing on a stump with felled trunk behind

Fairy tales have always been at home in the forest, but these will be just as comfortable on your living room floor, spread out on a quilt, or at the beach.

That’s because it’s the lie-down-and-read-all-afternoon edition, including:

What are they about?

A princess with the smart solution who isn’t being heard . . .

A prince with no sense of direction who needs to lead . . .

Royal twins with multiplying problems–new schools, hatching dragons, and an unpredictable Fairy Kingdom submarine . . .

Voracious readers are one thing . . . but this is ridiculous!

Even the local tree monster can’t wait for a taste of the Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tales: Books 1-3. It’s a satisfying mouthful for any reader who can’t get enough of this magical world. 752 pages of delicious fun.

You can let go now, tree monster  . . .

mushrooms in the forest
A fairy ring of little brown mushrooms
tree looks like alligator eating book
A tree monster having a literary snack.
paperback fills frame
752 pages of magical story to enjoy with your kids!

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