Watch a 4-minute undersea adventure with illustrator and marine biologist, Kirsten Carlson. Scroll down (past the man with the yellow tent on the ice, the man listening to the ice, keep scrolling. . . past the fruitcake joke. When you see “Kirsten Carlson” click View Project and watch UNDERSEA ILLUMINATIONS)

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Need a book for ages 9 to 12? You might enjoy Prince Nero’s adventures in LOST WITH LEEKS.

A prince with no sense of direction has to rescue St. Nicholas, before it’s too late.

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AppleBooks , Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and Kobo have the ebook on special for $2.99 in the U.S. until December 22, 2020!

cover of Under Pressure With a Squash: The Mutliplication Problem. Shows girl archer standing on top of submarine with baby dragons playing. Boy looks out of top of submarine


For eleven-year-old Princess Saffy, tests ARE the point. Her twin, Prince Magellan, thinks tests are pointless.

But when their beloved dragon gets them into trouble with the Fairy Kingdom. . . the Saffron twins must face the ultimate test–together!

How can they beat the pressure?

Get on board the Hubbard submarine and find out!

NEW RELEASE Nov 2020: When both Saffron twins unexpectedly start new schools, some problems multiply faster than others . . .

A story about test pressure, perfect (and not-so-perfect) scores, and baby dragons.

This is the third Seven Kingdoms Fairy Tale. Books can be read in any order. More about UNDER PRESSURE WITH A SQUASH: The Multiplication Problem.

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